Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The beauty of the outdoors.

Took my camera with me on a hiking trip. Feels nice to finally get out and check out this new area.

Don't forget about rugs!

This is a pretty cute and colorful idea. Especially to bring life to a all white bathroom. Very simple and I am working on one now. Visit A Beautiful Mess for more awesome ideas.  DIY Braided Rug
Get the full directions for this amazing craft idea! Braided Rug Supplies
DIY Rug How-To

Friday, July 26, 2013

Found: Sincerely Kinsey

Found this gem today! Check out sincerely kinsey. It's full of awesome ideas.

Like this one:
A nice backpack DIY project.

I swear I am still alive!

Well I finally moved out and living in a sort of new town. The apartment is very cute and I will be in here for a year or so. I would like to find ways to decorate but only semi temporary. I really want to feel at home here.

As far as jobs go, I have applied to many places and have interviews set up. Monday I go to an Arie's interview.
Though on the side I am still doing photography and have a wedding shoot coming up in August.

Lastly, I will still be very busy with a Gettysburg trip and two concerts. It's been hectic but slowly settling down. I have both PC hooked up and my xbox.

Oh yeah! I also got a new little friend to help me out, along with an old friend. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Long time gone.

It's been forever since I've update!  I've been very busy with my life and shortly I'll be settling down. I am apartment searching tomorrow and very excited. I hope to bring this blog back to life and bring some changes. I want make it a little more personal, a lot more crafty, and share more of my interests, like video games. Please check back! Hope to add a lot more photos! 
                                      - <3 suteki
P.s. if I am lucky I'll be able to post pictures of my new place!