Monday, January 6, 2014

Kitties & Me, on this cold day.

Just messing around with my camera on this sunny day. Don't be fooled, it is FREEZING in Pennsylvania! It's a bummer sometimes. I think I need warmer weather.
And my kitties agree. (≧◡≦)


  1. hi there dany!
    im alice :3 a new follower from italy (with GFC and on bloglovin').. here in italy we heard the news about america being so cold in these days :(
    its better stay warm at home!!
    have a nice day...

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  2. Aack, your kitties are too cute! Would you consider featuring them in a Happy Caturday post on my blog?

  3. Your kitties are so cute! I'm in PA as well. I had to walk to work today and thought I would get frostbitten!

  4. My kitties are cuddling on me right now, like little purring mittens in this -30 weather. x_x

  5. Just send them in an email to mariko[at] Can't wait!